>5050 Flexible LED strip lighting 300 LEDs 72W
>RGB color 5 meters
> 50000 hours life span
>Low power consumption
>Flexible, cuttable, reconnectable,
>waterproof version is available
>3M adhesive tape on the back, easy intallation
>Concealed cove lighting behind the floating ceiling;
>Achitectural lights for canopy, coridor, window, archway;
>Back light and edge light for signage;
>DIY lights for home decoration;
>Path and contour marking;
>Decorative lights for holiday, event, show, exhibition, etc.

5050 Flexible LED strip lighting 300 LEDs RGB color 5 meters

Data sheet:

Model S5050-60 Light source TOP LED 5050
Type Flexible strip Color changeable No
Length 5 meters Colors available
Width 10 mm CRI (Ra) >80
LED quantity
300 pieces, 60 per meter
Luminous Flux
450 lumens / meter
LED chip brand Epistar Beam angle  120°
Circuit board white cooper FPCB Input voltage
12 V dc
Protection rate IP20 Current max
0.2 A
Net weight
0.100 kgs
72 W, 14.4 W /meter
Inner package
5 meters per roll in a anti-static PVC bag
working temperature -20°C ~ 40°C
Warranty 2 years Life span
50000 hours
Place of origin Guangdong, China Safety CE Rohs

Luminous compare

Model LED type LED quantity

Luminous flux.

3528-30 3528 30 210
3528-60 3528 60 420
3528-120 3528 120 820
3528-240 3528 240 1640
5050-30 5050 30 450
5050-60 5050 60 900
5050-120 5050 120 1800

Electrical Compare

Model LED type LED quantity

Voltage input 
(V dc)





3528-30 3528 30 12/24 2.4 12
3528-60 3528 60 12/24 4.8 24
3528-120 3528 120 12/24 9.6 48
3528-240 3528 240 12/24 19.2 96
5050-30 5050 30 12/24 7.2 36
5050-60 5050 60 12/24 14.4 72
5050-120 5050 120 12/24 28.8 144

Colors available

Warm white (2700~3200k)
Natural white (4000~4500k) Pure white (6000~6500k) Red



  • Concealed cove lighting behind the floating ceiling;
  • Achitectural lights for canopy, coridor, window, archway;
  • Back light and edge light for signage;
  • DIY lights for home decoration;
  • Path and contour marking;
  • Decorative lights for holiday, event, show, exhibition, etc


  • Eco friendly
  • Long life span
  • Complete cut and reconnect
  • No need of constanct-current power feed
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy intallation

Dimension & Circuit Drawings:

Connecting diagram:


Packing information:

5 meters per roll in a silver anti-statistic bag ,100 rolls in a carton.

Safety information:

  • The strip itself and all its components may not be mechanically stressed.
  • Assembly must not damage or destroy conducting paths on the circuit board.
  • Installation of LED ribbon (with power supplies) needs to be made with regard to all applicable electrical and safety standards. 
  • Only qualified personnel should be allowed to perform installations.
  • Correct electrical polarity needs to be observed. Wrong polarity may destroy the strip.
  • Parallel connection is highly recommended as safe electrical operation mode.
  • Serial connection is not recommended. Unbalanced voltage can cause hazardous overload and damage the strip.
  • Please ensure that the power supply is of adapters power to operate the total load.
  • When mounting on metallic or otherwise conductive surfaces, there needs to be an electrical isolation points between strip and the mounting surface.
  • Pay attention to standard ESD precautions when installing the strip.
  • Damaged by corrosion will not be honored as a materials defect claim.
  • It is the user’s responsibility to provide suitable protection against corrosive agents such as moisture and condensation and other harmful elements.


The order is Shipped from China;

Lead time: 5-7 days for sample order; 15-25 days for bulk order. 

Way of shipment: Fedex, UPS, DHL, TNT, Postage, ect


Ways of payment for the orders:

the payment of sample order is by western union or paypal;

the payment of bulk order is by T/T to our specified bank account.

Click <Click here> to check our payment accounts. No other accounts for order payment.


The 3528-30 led strip has two years' warranty. For details of the statement of warranty, please <click here>.

Order index:

Order no. Voltage input IP rate Color
S5050-60-12-20-RGB 12 V DC IP20 bare board RGB
S5050-60-12-65-RGB 12 V DC IP65 epoxy RGB
S5050-60-12-67-RGB 12 V DC IP67 silicone sleeve RGB
S5050-60-12-68-RGB 12 V DC IP68 PU injection RGB
S5050-60-24-20-RGB 24 V DC IP20 bare board RGB
S5050-60-24-65-WW 24 V DC IP65 epoxy RGB
S5050-60-24-67-WW 24 V DC IP67 silicone sleeve RGB
S5050-60-24-68-WW 24 V DC IP68 PU injection RGB

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