Silicone linear lighting
12/24V Safty voltage
Soft sillicone material, high flexibility, can make various curve shapes
Mold exxtrusion, high sealing, waterproof, suitable for wet environment
Made of flame retardant material, fire safty and durable
Uniform light emission, no dark spots
Customized for different art designs.
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Silicone linear lighting

New design linear lighting, simple and easy to installation, flexible for art design


Operation voltage: 12V or 24V DC

Power: 10W/meter

Beam angle: 120 degree

Mini unit: 1.0cm/2.5cm/5.0cm

Ambience: -40degree to 60 degree



Color option: 

Cool white, warm white, natural white, red, blue, green, yellow and other customized colors

Waterproof for wet environment and Flame retardant and Durable

High flexibility for art design

Uniform light emission, no dark spots

Ways of installation

Bending directions:


Product show

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