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Wattage of LED Strip Lights



With power outages of LED strips, always make sure your power outlet can handle the energy demands of the LEDs. To do that, find out how much energy your power supply can handle. For instance, a typical power outlet can handle 15A before it shorts out.
At 120 volts, that comes out to 1800 watts. It is advised that you never surpass 80% of the total capacity. In this regards, you should not put more than 1440 watts.
Note that wattage is sometimes listed per reel, per unit of measurement, or per LED. If wattage is listed in units or per LED, then calculate how many feet or LEDs will be used in total of your project and multiply that by the wattage. This will let you know whether your circuit can handle the LEDs or not.
Another reason to pay attention to LED wattage is because of energy consumption. Even though LEDs typically don't use much electricity (compared to most other types of lights), the electricity usage can still add up and take a toll on your electric bill.
Remember: it should not be a very tough task when looking for LED strip lights to purchase so long as you know what you are looking for: power demands, colors and easy installation. However, there are many LED strip lights purposely designed for specialized use. An example is those programmable LEDs. They should be carefully ed to match your set design,

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