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Installation of the LED Strip Lights


Before you purchase any LED strip light, consider first how this product would be installed. If it is a flexible strip with adhesive tape at the back, then this may be as simple as sticking the lights where you want them to go and plugging them in. However, some of the strips such as the Programmable LEDs, LED rigid bars, under cabinet LEDs and other waterproof LED strips demand a much more complex installations; where strips must be cut and programmed.
As far as the installation of LED strips is concerned, always make sure you observe the following factors:
  • Required length of the strip/number of strips needed
  • Direction of the LEDS on the strip
  • Flexibility of the LED strip
  • Whether components such as controllers and adapter are needed
  • Power and voltage required
  • Whether it is waterproof
  • Whether the strip needs to be program
  • Will you demand extra installation technique



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