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Color Temperature


Color temperature is something very different than the color of an LED light. Temperature indicates how ‘warm' or ‘cold' the light appears. Temperature is rated in Kelvin with higher Kelvin representing cool colors and lower Kelvin representing warmer colors.
Temperature Kelvin
Light Color
Day light
Outdoor LED lighting
Situations when bright light is needed, such as reading
Neutral White
Kitchens Hallways
Warm white
Living rooms Bedrooms
Notice these key specifications:
  • Lumen output performance ranges from 240 to 16,400 lumens
  • CCT options from 2,700 to 5,000 K
  • CRI options include 70, 80, 90, and 97 CRI Decor products
  • Three SDCM standard for 2,700 K to 4,000 K CCT with two SDCM options
  • Reliable operation at up to 2x rated drive current
  • Radial die pattern improves lumen density and beam control
In the LED industry, do not be surprised to find some LED strip lights that have color adjustable temperatures, as it is possible. These adjustable temperature LED strips can be very useful if you want to use the light strips for various types of mood lighting.

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