Who we are?

We are a high-end LED lighting and lights manufacturer serving western countries according to strict American and European quality standards. We make lots of standard neutral packing products; also provide comprehensive OEM and ODM products and services. We are proud of our partnership with several world-famous large companies in America and Europe. Our quality, reliability and excellent service have helped us win great growth and admirable good reputation in the past 6 years. We have very abundant and complete LED product lines and we welcome you and are 100% prepared anytime to be your long term partner, we are striving to be your one-stand and whole day LED supplier.

General Introduction

At Kedipto,  our mission is to provide premium energy saving products to the lighting industry. Equipped with professional and modern production lines,  web have developed quite rapidly since established in 2007. Bearing in mind the philosophy:” customer is all”, all of our products, innovative designs and services comes from our esteemed customers' need, so we are doing what customers need us to do. We value every customer, long term relationship with them, strong technical support and reliable warranty to them.
 Kediopto has some of the world’s most advanced level synchronization production equipment that complies with ISO9000, ISO14000,and OHSAS18000 international quality control systems. Our products are specifically designed to provide consumers and the industry with cutting edge lighting techniques which are energy and cost efficient. The LED lighting products currently in production are the LED tape/strip light, tubes, bulbs, panels and LED project usage lighting and lights. All are designed using the latest technology and produced under strict quality standards. Senseled products are currently in use in a wide variety of industrial and business applications, such as home, schools, shops, hotels, hospitals, military, and astronautics. We endeavor to supply society with the latest types of LED lighting with reasonable prices.
We are focusing our distribution in both the domestic and international markets. Currently, our products are being sold worldwide, in Europe, North America, Australia, Africa, Asia, and domestically in China. Our goal is to become the leading LED lighting brand in China and worldwide. We warmly welcome you to join us.

Business range

Our company is a manufacturer, exporter, comprehensive LED solution provider, also well-known local OEM & ODM provider. We do sourcing, wholesale and trading on miscellaneous other products that our factory does not produce.

Product show

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